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About Us

ALTEC College is one of the leading training organisations in Melbourne, Australia, delivering a range of skill courses to domestic and international students. Operating since 2008, ALTEC College has achieved a market distinction within the vocational education sector as a quality training provider through its innovative academic programs, positive learning environment, modern campuses, student focus, and principles of excellence in all areas of its operations. Current campus locations include Melbourne (Head Office), and North Melbourne. ALTEC College offers a range of industry-oriented courses in business, management, and hospitality, with higher education pathway options.

ALTEC College’s mission of providing quality education and training to all its students and its commitment to continuous improvement places it distinctively within the Vocational Education and Training sector (VET) with forward-looking strategy, robust governance structure, academic oversight, higher education pathways, and industry engagement.

ALTEC College’s values and quality processes are further enhanced by its bench-marking of education and training best practices and an inclusive culture informed by student, staff and industry feedback.

ALTEC College is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced executives and program managers with years of professional experience in their respective fields. The top management team consists of senior managers who are highly qualified and boast a strong and distinguished academic background in education and training.

We look forward to sharing your academic and professional journey with us and welcome you to ALTEC College family.

Welcome to ALTEC College

Message from the CEO

Thank you for choosing ALTEC College as your destination for education and training in Melbourne, Australia.

I am honoured to extend a warm welcome to you for the academic year of 2024 at ALTEC College. I trust that you are prepared to embrace the opportunities and possibilities that come with each new year. Many of your most transformative moments are likely to occur outside the traditional classroom setting, and we are enthusiastic about assisting you in exploring your passions and achieving your aspirations.

ALTEC College is characterized by its diverse student body, vibrant culture, and strong sense of community. Our students, staff, partners, clients, and local community collectively contribute to the rich tapestry that defines us.


Our commitment to academic excellence is realized through our continuous improvement philosophy and dedication to providing excellent student services and support.

As we embark on a new chapter, having celebrated 15 years of success in delivering high-quality training and achieving academic excellence, we are pleased to announce that ALTEC College is expanding in all areas of operation. We invite you to explore our recently upgraded campuses in Melbourne & North Melbourne, offering a variety of Business, Leadership & Management, Commercial Cookery, Kitchen & Hospitality Management Courses.

Our orientation activities are designed to equip you with all the necessary information to begin your journey, allowing you to connect and network with fellow classmates and key members of the support and training teams at ALTEC College. At ALTEC College, we value student input and believe in continuous improvement in both academic and administrative areas to enhance the overall student experience.

Wishing you the very best!

Ramit Masalia, CEO 

Message from the Chairman

It is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to the 2024 academic year at ALTEC College. I trust that you are all set to embrace the opportunities and potential that each new year brings. Some of your most transformative experiences may extend beyond the traditional classroom setting, and we are enthusiastic about supporting you in exploring your passions and discovering your purpose.

As ALTEC College steps into its 16th year of operation, it continues to be defined by its diverse student body, vibrant culture, and strong sense of community. Our students, faculty, partners, clients, and the local community are all integral parts of what makes our institution whole. We remain committed to achieving academic excellence, guided by a philosophy of continuous improvement that is informed by feedback and the experiences of all our stakeholders.

The year 2024 holds particular promise, as we look to build upon the success and demand of the Hospital and Commercial Cookery course.


Our Hospitality and Commercial Cookery students have access to state of the art facilities, with a high end dedicated kitchen campus in North Melbourne, providing them with valuable hands-on experience that enhances their learning journey. Some exceptional students have successfully landed jobs at top tier restaurants and hospitality venues.

Furthermore, we have established strategic alliances with Higher Education providers, offering you pathways to support your educational journey and future aspirations.

As we approach this new academic year in 2024, I encourage each of you not only to strive for personal excellence but also to aspire to become global citizens and leaders who can make a positive impact on our campus and the world at large. We believe that, as you progress beyond ALTEC College, each one of you will play a significant role in shaping a future characterised by civility, safety, health, peace, and enlightenment—qualities that our world needs now more than ever.

I eagerly anticipate the rewarding journey ahead with all of you, and I am confident that together, we will make this academic year one filled with growth, achievement, and meaningful contributions to our global community.

Pankaj Goel, Chairman