ALTEC College’s quality policy supports delivery of quality services and processes that help meet requirements of students, staff members, industry stakeholders, and in complying with quality standards within the national regulatory framework.

For the college this means developing a planned and ongoing process to systematically review and improve training and assessment processes, training and assessment materials and resources and services through analysis of relevant information and collection of data from student, staff members, and where possible other stakeholders of the college.

Student surveys help us improve quality of our courses and students services. We collects feedback data at regular intervals to help it evaluate quality training and assessment across all of our operations.

We request that you undertake the following surveys when arranged by your facilitator or course coordinator;

Agent Satisfaction Survey

Conducted on completion of your studies or end of your enrolment

Student Satisfaction Survey

Conducted at the end of each academic semester

Unit Evaluation Survey

Students are encouraged to bring any issues to the attention of appropriate staff.  Students are asked to provide feedback on each unit of competency at the end of each term and overall satisfaction on completion.


Students and stakeholders have the option to undertake the surveys anonymously if they wish to keep their feedback private.

All information and data provided to ALTEC College remains secured.

ALTEC College ensures that it manages and monitors all personal information of students, employees and other stakeholders in accordance with its records management policy, and the relevant privacy laws, including the Student Identifiers Act 2014 and Information Privacy Act 2000. ALTEC College will not, without the prior consent of an individual, disclose personal or sensitive information about that individual for a purpose other than the primary purpose of collection except where required by law or for safety and well-being of the individual.