Message from the CEO

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Message from the CEO

It is my privilege to welcome you to the 2018 academic year at ALTEC College. I hope that you are ready to embrace the promise and potential that every year brings. Some of your most transformative experiences will occur beyond the confines of the classroom, and we are excited to help you explore your passion and find your purpose.

ALTEC College is defined by its diverse student community, vibrant culture and sense of belonging. Our students, staff, partners, clients and local community are the parts that make us whole. We strive for academic excellence and this is achieved through our philosophy of continuous improvement informed by feedback and experiences of our stakeholders.

We are embarking on a new chapter after celebrating a decade of success in delivering high quality training and achieving academic excellence. We are proud to report that ALTEC College continues to grow in all facets of its operations. 2018 is promising to be an exciting year with the addition of a brand-new campus in Hobart, Tasmania. Our Hospitality and Commercial Cookery students now have access to a dedicated kitchen campus in North Melbourne to gain valuable hands-on experience. We have made strategic alliances with Higher Education providers to offer you pathways to help you with your educational journey.

We are also proud to announce that ALTEC College is now a certified CISCO Networking Academy. Our Diploma of IT Networking students will also earn a Certificate of Completion from CISCO Networking Academy for CCNA modules on completion. Students will further have the opportunity to gain professional certifications, recognised by employers worldwide, study the latest networking, security and cloud technologies and enhance skills through practice and application of learning in a lab environment. It will open Career Pathways for you by connecting you to a global community of employers and alumni to find a job.

In the approaching year, I call upon you to do more than pursue personal bests. I call upon you to aspire to be the global citizens and leaders that our campus and the world needs. When your days at ALTEC College are far behind you, each of you will have undoubtedly shaped our future in some meaningful way. As an educational institution, our hope is that future generations will inherit a world that is civil, safe, healthy, peaceful and more enlightened than the world we live in today.

I look forward to the journey ahead with all of you.

Pankaj Goel