Life on Campus

Life on Campus


ALTEC College values and supports cultural diversity. We are committed to ensuring that all students and staff members feel a sense belonging and inclusion in the college community regardless of their personal or cultural beliefs.

Interest Groups

ALTEC College encourages students to form interest groups to come together and pursue their favourite hobbies and passions. The life on campus is relaxed and with flexible timetables, students have ample time to engage in recreation and varied interests.

Modern Technology

Campuses are fitted with the latest equipment and the fastest available internet on the premises. Free student Wi-Fi enables students to use online learning resources and social media tools anywhere on the campus.

ALTEC College has an open student lounge with computer, internet, and printing access. Students can utilise these resources at any time during campus hours. ALTEC College also provides access to a student portal and a student email that can be accessed 24/7 from any internet connected computer.


ALTEC Colleges’ has a vast and a dedicated library area furnished with the prescribed text, course-specific readings, magazines, newspapers, and online resources. The library provides a rich learning environment to both study in peace and relax.

Social Harmony and Friendships

ALTEC Colleges’ students come from a vast spectrum of culturally diverse communities from around the world. It promotes and encourages a culturally vibrant environment where people can share ideas, thoughts, engage in meaningful discussions, make friends, and enjoy their time.

Location and Vicinity

Both Melbourne and Hobart campuses are located in the heart of the CBD with restaurants, cafes, shops, entertainment, and public transport all at the doorstep.

Within the vicinity of the Melbourne campus is the famous Albert Park, lake, aquatic center, Royal Botanic Garden, and many other attractions close by. The Hobart campus is located within an educational precinct with an opportunity to meet other students and make new friends. All the major CBD attractions, entertainment, shops, and restaurants are only a short walk away. The famous Salamanca Market and the glorious Hobart Waterfront are within a walking distance.

We hope that you enjoy your time on campus and make new friends from world over.