ALTEC College Learning Support – FAQ

ALTEC Student First Time Access

This is a video tutorial for all ALTEC College students who are going to Sign in to ALTEC College On-line Communication, OneDrive Cloud Storage and Course Resources through Teams for the first time. It is a step-by-step guide to access ALTEC Student Portal.

How to Access online class

This is step-by-step guide for ALTEC College students on how to access/attend online class.

How to access the online resources

This is a step-by-step guide for ALTEC College students of how to access online resources using Teams app.


Q : How to access assessments on Microsoft Teams ?

Q : What should I do if I missed the classes?

A : Login to your ALTEC College Teams and just below the Class ‘Join’ link, the recorded video will automatically appear after the class ends.

Q : How to contact my teachers?

A :  Login to your ALTEC College Teams and click on ‘Search’ bar on the top and type your trainer’s name and an instant chat window will open to chat with your trainer. Your trainer will be available to respond during your scheduled hours and you may expect a reply usually within 1hour.

Q : How to submit Assessments via Teams?

A : The video providing step-by-step guide for students of ALTEC College on how to submit or re-submit assessments. It also demonstrates different ways for checking grades and feedbacks for assessments.

Please remember to click on the ‘Turn in’ button on the top right hand corner for your submission to be finalised.