International Student Demographics

Where are our students from?

Country Percentage Country Percentage
Bangladesh 1.636% Laos 0.234%
Bhutan 0.234% Malaysia 12.15%
Brazil 0.234% Myanmar, The Republic of the Union of 5.14%
Chile 0.234% Nepal 7.243%
China 10.047% Pakistan 6.308%
Colombia 1.402% Philippines 1.869%
Fiji 0.935% Poland 0.234%
France 0.467% Sri Lanka 8.178%
Germany 0.234% Taiwan 1.869%
Hong Kong 0.467% Thailand 6.542%
India 28.505% Turkey 0.234%
Indonesia 0.701% United Kingdom British – Citizen 0.467%
Ireland 0.234% United States of America 0.234%
Japan 0.467% Vietnam 1.402%
Kenya 0.234% Zimbabwe 0.467%
Korea, Republic of (South) 1.402%

ALTEC College has been operating in the international education market since 2008 as a registered training organisation, delivering a range of skill courses to its students.

ALTEC College invites international students to come and study in Australia. We welcome a wide variety of individuals from across the globe.

At ALTEC College we have a great team that makes all of our international students feel comfortable in an environment that they may be new to them. We provide our students with the best support possible. We are proud of our values, mission and what we are about. We provide industry standard resources, with ample breakout space to enhance student interaction and meeting. Our computer lab and lecture rooms have the necessary resources for ‘inspired learning’. Our trainers have many years of industry experience which allows them to pass on their skills & experience in Australia and/or globally. Our trainers work alongside students as mentors and train them outside classroom learning, which is extremely beneficial to international students in finding placements and jobs in the marketplace.

ALTEC College has a very strong presence on social media, and we communicate with our stakeholders via apps, websites, emails, telephone and in person. We have student support staff who can liaise in various languages and are multi-lingual. Some students with limited English speaking skills find this very convenient as they can resolve their queries in their own language.

ALTEC College offers additional English support classes to students who are seeking assistance in refining their English skills. At ALTEC College, we do realise that English may not be their first language, but we offer options for them to have someone here at ALTEC College to understand their queries in their preferred language and guide them towards enhancing their English speaking skills.

Who can I contact?

Student Support Team

Ms Siri Nulsiri  |  Marketing Director  |

Ms Denisa Song  |  Academic Manager  |

Ms Subhashini Baskaran  |  Operations Manager  |

Ms Rathna Kandala  |  Admission & Student Support Manager  |

Ms McKey Zhang  |  Admission Coordinator  |

Ms Namrata Doshi  |  Accounts Officer  |

Ms Jolin Lin  |  Student Support Officer  |

Ms Schola Oh  |  Student Support Officer  |

Emergency Services

Dial 000 for Police, Fire or Ambulance