Important Forms and Policies

Reassessment Policy and Procedure

Useful Forms

Important Forms and Policies

ALTEC College’s operations are guides by policies and procedures relevant to the respective operational area. Policies describe why certain actions must be taken and procedures provide a mechanism for implementing policy instruments. Respective forms are provided to effect the required actions and make the required decisions.

While most of the relevant policies and procedures are contained within the  Student Handbook, some of the important policy documents and forms are provided below for your immediate reference.

These documents and forms are also available with the front desk. If you need information on a policy area, or want to enquire about an available policy to deal with a specific situation, please contact the Campus Manager by contacting the front desk.

Policies and Procedures

Access and Equity Policy

Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Bullying Policy and Procedure

Assessment Policy

Course Progress Policy and Procedure

Critical Incident Policy

Deferral, Suspension, and Cancellation of Enrolment Policy

Fee Policy

Fee Refund Policy and Procedure

Harassment Incident Policy and Complaint Procedure

Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

International Student Transfer Policy and Procedure

Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN) Policy

Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Policy

Student Support and Welfare Policy

Student Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure

Student Admission and Enrolment Policy and Procedure

Student Code of Conduct

Reassessment Policy and Procedure

RPL and Credit Transfer Policy and Procedure

Work Based Training WBT

Important Forms

International Student Application Form – 2023

Domestic Student Application Form – 2023

Credit Card Authorisation Form

Direct Debit Request Form

Deferment and Allowable Suspension of Studies Application Form

Fee Refund Form

Hazard Identification and Report Form

Leave of Absence Application Form

Request for Fee Extension Form

Request to Pay Fee in Instalment (Payment Plan) Form

Request for Extension or Reassessment Form

Request for Issuance of Academic Results, Attainment and Awards Form

Request for a Release Form

Student Concern Form

RPL and Credit Transfer Application Form

Student Complaint and Grievance Form

Student Personal Details Form

Withdrawal from the Course Form