English Language Support

English Language Support

To enrol in most of the ALTEC College courses, prospective students will need to demonstrate proficiency in the English language – in particular, the Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) skills relevant to the course.

ALTEC College recognises that students come with a vast range of skills, experiences, motivations and capacity to deal with the challenges required when commencing training. With this view, ALTEC College will ensure that students are supported through completion of their training in all aspects of Language, Literacy, and Numeracy. ALTEC College will not discriminate against students who are identified to need LLN assistance.

LLN needs may be identified through pre-enrolment and pre-training assessments, during student orientation, and/or trainer/assessors’ recommendations. ALTEC College will analyse these needs and provide a strategy for assistance. These needs will be addressed through classroom learning and assessment activities over the duration of the program. ALTEC College’s Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN) Policy further supports these needs.

As part of student support services,  a qualified English language educator may be available to help students in their English language skills, specifically,

  • To understand the requirements of an assessment
  • Help with understanding the structure of a unit or assessments
  • Assistance with English expression, grammar, spelling, learning to edit own work
  • Understanding basic principles of grammar and syntax
  • Help with reading/ comprehension, pronunciation, slang and cultural/social aspects of Australia
  • Preparing for oral presentations

ALTEC College supports students throughout their enrolment to ensure that they are able to effectively participate in all aspects of learning and complete their courses in the stipulated duration.

Students can access college’s student support services by approaching either the Student Support Officer, front desk, or any staff member in their immediate contact.