ALTEC College Authorised Agents

ALTEC College Authorised Agents

ALTEC College Authorised Agent is any person or organisation who has a written contract with ALTEC College to promote college’s programs to prospective students and obtain a fee for providing students to the college.

The agents are first point of contact between ALTEC College and prospective students of the college;  and therefore the college puts a great emphasis on ethical, legal and honest conduct of its agents. ALTEC College employs a rigorous process in agent selection and ensures that its quality principles and objectives are ensured in dealing with education agents.

In accordance with the Standards for RTOs 2015, The National Code 2018 and The ESOS Act 2000, all agency agreements are governed by ALTEC College’s Agency Monitoring Policy and other policies and procedures relevant to marketing, student admissions and enrolments.

Information for prospective agents can be found through the following sections;

– Becoming an Agent
– ESOS Compliance and Policies
– List of Approved Agents

The college requires its agents to have an appropriate knowledge and understanding of the Australian international education industry and training and learning pathways of the courses offered by ALTEC College.

Please note, All agents must now adhere to the new code of ethics –  Australian International Education and Training Agent Code of Ethics.