ALTEC College Students Celebrated the Lunar New Year of the Dog

Lunar New Year, commonly called Chinese New Year, is an important occasion for people of Chinese heritage throughout the world during the turn of the traditional lunisolar calendar.

To celebrate this major holiday along with Valentine’s day, ALTEC College held the Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day Celebration Party on Wednesday 14 February 2018. It is the year of the dog. Chinese red lanterns were decorated on the campus. Students and staffs dressed in red to celebrate the day.

The celebration kicked off in the background of Chinese traditional music. ALTEC students and staff brought their home-made food such as dumplings and samosas, and all kinds of Chinese snacks to the party. English department students made a short presentation to introduce their traditions and customs to celebrate Lunar New Year back in their hometown. This event also set up a Best-dressed Award and Chelry, one EAL level II student won the prizes- a Chocolate Rose and a Chinese traditional paper-cut for window decoration.

Chinese New Year is a time for family reunion. In ALTEC College, we would like to provide our best hospitality to our international students who came far away from their hometown. On their big day, we would like to celebrate it together with other students and staff from the different cultural background and make them feel at home.

We would also send our best wishes to our business partners and agents, wishing you a brighter new year ahead!

Hope everyone enjoyed the party! Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog!