ALTEC College staff Christmas Party

On Thursday, 23rd November, 2017,  ALTEC College team had a great time with a Kris Kringle Christmas party. Every staff in th ALTEC team was invited and got the chance to mingle and relax with colleagues to celebrate a 2017. Kris Kringle is a gift exchange activity that everybody gives a gift to others and receives one back from someone else.

Drinks and snacks helped create a great atmosphere, and helped to relive a hot summer’s afternoon. The bowling games in Crown provided the evening’s entertainment with lots of laughs.

Everyone’s efforts were recognized, particularly, Vishal, Skye, and Ramit were recognized by their excellent student service skills.

ALTEC is a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with years of industry experience in their respective fields. The team of ALTEC are committed to provide excellent education and training to our students.

We’d like to give a big Thank You to all our staffs for their hard work in making 2017 a great year! Looking forward to the brand new year, 2018!

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