Academic Pathways

Academic Pathways

Learning Pathways are formally approved links to enable students to enter and move between courses and programs in different sectors or within the same sector.  Pathways may link courses and programs in the same or different areas of study. (Students may also develop their own informal learning pathways

ALTEC College is committed to providing learning pathways, within and across qualifications, to maximise learning options and movement of students between their chosen courses and qualifications.  Such pathways may include access to qualifications, internal and external articulation arrangements and/or credit granted within qualifications.

ALTEC has developed a Pathways Policy to supports Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Pathway Policy and encourages student progression into and between registered AQF qualifications and qualification linkages between relevant qualifications at ALTEC College. ALTEC College currently have pathway arrangements with a number of reputed higher education providers.

Learning pathways can be established between any qualifications offered by ALTEC College or any qualification offered by a registered training or education provider (listed on the National Register). Pathways will generally be developed between qualifications involving the same, similar or complementary fields of study.

Learning pathways based on credit and articulation arrangements, when applied, will not unfairly advantage or disadvantage either the students entering the courses and programs with credit transfer or articulation or those students who enter directly.

Learning Pathways will be offered to students at the time of application/enrolment and will include application for RPL and Credit Transfer according to college policy and procedure. Pathway arrangements will be reviewed whenever there is a change in any of the courses or programs that are linked in that arrangement.

Contact us to arrange a meeting with our Student Admissions Officer to discuss your current competencies and pathway options.